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NEW! The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus is pleased to announce the release of our third set of free volume-length e-book course readers. We are adding three readers to our collection: Japan, China, and Pan-Asianism by Alan Baumler; Religion in Modern Asia: Tradition, State and Society by Michael Bathgate; and Zainichi Koreans: The Past, the Present, and the Future by Noboru Tomonari.


In 2012, The Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus announced the start of a new initiative: volume-length e-book compilations of essays on selected topics with explanatory introductions by scholars.


These volumes are designed to make it easier for teachers and students to use the Asia-Pacific Journal archive. The volume editors have chosen articles from the archive that lend themselves particularly well to classroom use and work well as a set. All volumes have been peer-reviewed, in addition to the initial review process each article went through when it was originally posted.


The Asia-Pacific Journal is proud of providing educational resources suitable for classroom use. For example:


I used Japan Focus in two classes at Williams last spring: a tutorial class on Hiroshima/Nagasaki: Memory, and a course on Japan Since 1945. There is nothing—literally nothing—in English that does as good a job of making available the latest thinking about the issues that lie at the heart of today's Japan. The articles deal with all of the key issues; they forefront opinion and ideas; and they adhere to strong scholarly standards. ... the Japan Focus articles provoked some of my best class discussions. —Jim Huffman, H. Orth Hirt Professor of History Emeritus, Wittenberg University


The readers are designed to be especially convenient for students; the readers are available any time of day, are storable on a computer, searchable, and cost nothing to them.


Eleven readers are currently available on the following topics. For a quick look at the tables of contents and title pages of each reader, please open the files below.


1. War and Visual Culture: Table of Contents

2. Environmental History: Table of Contents

3. War in Japanese Popular Culture: Table of Contents

4. Women and Japans Political Economy: Table of Contents

5. Public Opinion on Nuclear Power in Japan after the Fukushima Disaster: Table of Contents

6. Japan’s “Abandoned People” in the Wake of Fukushima: Table of Contents

7. The Politics of Memory in Japan and East Asia: Table of Contents

8. The Japanese Empire: Colonial Lives and Postcolonial Struggle: Table of Contents

9. Japan, China, and Pan-Asianism: Table of Contents

10. Religion in Modern Asia: Tradition, State and Society: Table of Contents

11. Zainichi Koreans: The Past, the Present, and the Future: Table of Contents

12. Putting Okinawa at the Center: Table of Contents

13. White Peril/Yellow Peril and Japan's Pan-Asian Visions, 1850-1930: Table of Contents

14. Japan and the American-led Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: Table of Contents

15. The Ainu People: Indigeneity, Culture and Politics: Table of Contents


To download the full contents of a reader, please click on the links below and enter your email address. The course reader will be emailed to you automatically.