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With tensions between the US and North Korea at fever pitch in the era of Donald Trump, with mounting conflict between the US and China, China and the nations of the South China Sea, and between Okinawa and the US-Japan, we believe that APJ is more important than ever.

We have no corporate, foundation or university angel, so our ability to publish relies heavily on our core supporters.

We come to you twice a year to request the financial support that allows us to provide APJ free to our 18,000 regular readers and thousands of others around the world. The journal is strong and growing. We need support to maintain it free to global readers.

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Recession Eats Up Japanese Careers, Lives

The U.S-Japan Partnership and the Future of an Asian Regional Union

Intelligence Failure and Famine in North Korea

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Japan's Worker Co-operative Movement into the 21st Century

Managing the Resources of the China Seas: China's Bilateral Fisheries Agreements with Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam

The Lost "Human Country"

Colonies and Countryside in Wartime Japan: Emigration to Manchuria

Re-thinking Rural Japan