Our 2017 Campaign

With the present issue we end our 2017 campaign to continue our fifteen year record of providing the journal free to readers. With $10,000 raised, we're approaching our $12,000 goal. We look forward to your support in reaching our goal. Hoping that we can count on you now and in the future.


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Turning back the clock on gender equality: Proposed Constitutional revision jeopardizes Japanese women's rights

Anger Explodes as a U.S. Army Helicopter Crashes at Okinawa International University

US Dream Come True? The New Henoko Sea Base and Okinawan Resistance

Kenzo Tange, Hiroshima and Japanese Architecture

Nihonga to Nihonga : Young, fresh and traditional Japanese artists

Mr. Song and Dance Man

Enemies of the State: Free Speech and Japan's Courts

Expressing the horror of Hiroshima in 17 syllables

Freedom of the Press U.S. Style on Okinawa

The Imperial Succession and Japanese Democracy: Citizens Court Challenge Denied