Our 2017 Campaign

With the present issue we end our 2017 campaign to continue our fifteen year record of providing the journal free to readers. With $10,000 raised, we're approaching our $12,000 goal. We look forward to your support in reaching our goal. Hoping that we can count on you now and in the future.


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Nuclear Weapons, Criminal States, and the US-India Deal

Philosophy as Activism in Neo-Liberal, Neo-Nationalist Japan

The Geopolitics and Economics of Burma's Military Regime, 1962-2007. Understanding SPDC Tyranny

Engaging China: The Political Economy and Geopolitical Approaches of the United States, Japan and the European Union

The Manchurian Incident, the League of Nations and the Origins of the Pacific War. What the Geneva archives reveal

Japan Must Prepare for War Between U.S. and North Korea. North Korea's Nuclear Threat

Famine and the Market: North Korea Meets Keynes

The Forging of Alien Status of Koreans in American Occupied Japan

Reconciling Japan and China

The Contested Heritage of Koguryo/Gaogouli and China-Korea Conflict