Our 2017 Campaign

With the present issue we end our 2017 campaign to continue our fifteen year record of providing the journal free to readers. With $10,000 raised, we're approaching our $12,000 goal. We look forward to your support in reaching our goal. Hoping that we can count on you now and in the future.


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Pyongyang Waiting for the Spring

Recovering a Lost Opportunity: Japan-North Korea Negotiations in the Wake of the Iraqi War

India Abandons Global Nuclear Disarmament

Time to End the Korean War: The Korean Nuclear Crisis in the Era of Unification

North Korean Famine, Refugees, and International Aid

Maritime Interdiction of North Korean WMD Trade: Toward a Second Korean War?

North Korea's Nuclear Test--Bush's Godchild?

Perilous Journeys: North Korean Famine and Flight to China and Beyond

Sanctions and the Road to War in Korea

Geopolitics of the Afghanistan War: US Elevates Pakistan to Regional Kingpin. Implications for Russia, NATO, Iran and the Arab States