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With the present issue we end our 2017 campaign to continue our fifteen year record of providing the journal free to readers. With $10,000 raised, we're approaching our $12,000 goal. We look forward to your support in reaching our goal. Hoping that we can count on you now and in the future.


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Trying Bush's War Crimes: The International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan

Political and Cultural Perspectives on Japan's Insider Minorities

Dumping US dollars could trigger 'economic September 11': the East Asian connection

How to Assess the Park Chung Hee Era and Korean Development (Korean original text available)

New Weapon Wielded in Old Tomb Debate: Information disclosure law reveals uncertainty over emperor's graves

Japan's Migration Conundrum

Dokdo Is Korean Territory

New Research on the Nanjing Incident

Life after the bomb

Japan, the Ryukyus and the Taiwan Expedition of 1874: toward reconciliation after 130 years