American Fire Bombing and Atomic Bombing of Japan in History and Memory
Napalm in US Bombing Doctrine and Practice, 1942-1975
Blockbusters, Nukes, and Drones: trajectories of change over a century
Introduction: Perspectives on the Bombing of Civilians From World War II to the Present
Defending Civilians against Aerial Bombardment: A Comparative/Transnational History of Japanese, German, and British Home Fronts, 1918-1945
Instability, the Crisis of Politics, and Social Movements: The Contemporary World and Japan
Base Dependency and Okinawa’s Prospects: Behind the Myths
The Korean Peninsula within the Framework of US Global Hegemony
China’s environmental challenges: under the dome with no way out?
Fukushima: A Second Chernobyl?
From the 2.26 Incident to the Atomic Bombs: Haiku During the Asia-Pacific War
Looking Towards Nirai Kanai
How many nuclear warheads does the United States need?
Nippon Kaigi: Empire, Contradiction, and Japan’s Future
Has Komeito Abandoned its Principles? Public Perception of the Party’s Role in Japan’s Security Legislation Debate
The Showa Emperor’s Tour of Tokyo, March 18, 1945
Nationalism in the Abe Era
Nationalism, Pacifism, and Reconciliation: Three Paths Forward for Japan's “History Problem”
Neonationalism, Religion, and Patriotic Education in Post-disaster Japan
Contemporary Political Dynamics of Japanese Nationalism
Nationalism and History in Contemporary Japan
Japanese Memories of the Asia-Pacific War: Analyzing the Revisionist Turn Post-1995
Why Okinawa Matters: Japan, the United States and the Colonial Past
False Dawn: The Decline of Watchdog Journalism in Japan
Late in Life: Japan’s Elderly Behind Bars
Taiwan’s Green Shift – prospects and challenges
Sagoromo, Co-Winner 2014 Kyoko Selden Memorial Translation Prize
The Return of the Outcast(e) Map: Kobe, Cartography and the Problem of Discrimination in Modern Japan
Spying on Muslims in Tokyo and New York — “Necessary and Unavoidable”?
Reassessing the 3.11 Disaster and the Future of Nuclear Power in Japan: An Interview with Former Prime Minister Kan Naoto
Specters of East Asia: Okinawa, Taiwan, and Korea
Reconsidering Zen, Samurai, and the Martial Arts
Japan’s Problematic Prefecture – Okinawa and the US-Japan Relationship
Are You Listening to the Voices of the Victims? My Critique of Park Yuha’s Comfort Women of the Empire
China’s Continuing Renewable Energy Revolution – latest trends in electric power generation
From Fukushima: To Despair Properly, To Find the Next Step
The Stories Japanese Clothes Tell: Introduction
“We need to recognize this hopeless sight…. To recognize that this horrible crime is what our country is doing to us”: Interview with Mutō Ruiko
Hitler's dismantling of the constitution and the current path of Japan's Abe administration: What lessons can we draw from history?
Artistic Legacy of the Fifteenth Century Selections from Japan: The Shaping of Daimyo Culture, 1185-1868
The Search for the Beautiful Woman: A Cultural History of Japanese and Chinese Beauty
Selections from “Ukiyo-e Landscapes and Edo Scenic Places”
Wanderings in the Realm of the Seventh Sense
Selections from Nurtured by Love
Calligraphy: Three Heian Poems
Transnational and Japanese Activism on Behalf of Indonesian and Dutch Victims of Enforced Military Prostitution During World War II
Perry’s Black Ships in Japan and Ryukyu: The Whitewash of History
The Rise and Fall of Chongryun—From Chōsenjin to Zainichi and beyond
The Nation (and the Family) That Failed: The Past and Future of North Koreans in Japan
A Childhood Memoir of Wartime Japan