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The Editors


A Complex of Seas: Passages between Pacific Histories
Conflicting Japanese Responses to the Syrian Refugee Crisis
The Stakes of Historical Revisionism in Trump’s America: Teaching about the Comfort Women Atrocity in the Japanese Empire
China's Workers and the Emerging Intern Class
Stretching the Sinitic Interpretation of Vietnamese History
Tokyo University at War
Abe Shinzō's Campaign to Reform the Japanese Way of Work
The US-North Korean Crisis and Japan’s Responsibility
The War on Games
Violence, Okinawa, and the ‘Pax Americana’
The Intractability of the Sino-Japanese Senkaku/Diaoyu Territorial Dispute: Historical Memory, People’s Diplomacy and Transnational Activism, 1961-1978
North Korea and a Rules-Based Order for the Indo-Pacific, East Asia, and the World
What is the Aim of Nippon Kaigi, the Ultra-Right Organization that Supports Japan’s Abe Administration?
Agent Orange on Okinawa: Six Years On
Overcoming Double Erasure: Japanese “comfort women”, nationalism and trafficking.
Protesting Policy and Practice in South Korea’s Nuclear Energy Industry
Taiwan’s Green Energy Transition Under Way
Pacific Islanders Experience the Pacific War: Informants as Historians and Story Tellers
American Literature on the Battle of Okinawa and the Continuing US Military Presence
Public Statuary and Nationalism in Modern and Contemporary Japan
An Enemy You Can Depend On: Trump, Pershing’s Bullets, and the Folklore of the War on Terror
Spies on Campus: The CIA and the FBI from the Indochina Wars to the “War on Terror”
Backstory to Abe’s Snap Election – the Secrets of Moritomo, Kake and the “Missing” Japan SDF Activity Logs
On Okinawa, Locals Want US Troops to Leave
Thinking About Coercion in the Context of Prostitution: Japan’s Military ‘Comfort Women’ and Contemporary Sexually-Exploited Women
The Future of Conflict in the Korean Peninsula and Beyond: The War Dreams of Kim and Trump
China’s Electric Power: Results for first half 2017 demonstrate continuing green shift
Ainu Women and Indigenous Modernity in Settler Colonial Japan
Moon Jae-In’s THAAD Conundrum: South Korea’s “candlelight president” faces strong citizen opposition on missile defense
I Learned about the Wretchedness of War:  Women Settlers’ ‘Sexual Entertainment’ of Soviet Red Army Troops in Postwar Manchuria
Chinese Coal Miners Will Need 2.3 Million New Jobs by 2020: Cutbacks in Mines
Big Meat: The rise and impact of mega-farming in China’s beef, sheep and dairy industries
The Dr. Seuss Museum and His Wartime Cartoons about Japan and Japanese Americans
Japan’s New Conspiracy Law Expands Police Power
A Korean Tragedy
Murder of the Soul - Shiori and Rape in Japan
“There Will Be No Stopping the Okinawan Resistance,” an Interview with Yamashiro Hiroji
The History Problem: The Politics of War Commemoration in East Asia
A Strategy for Dealing with North Korea
In the Jungles With The Viet Cong: The War on Nature Then and Today
Transnational Environmental Activism and Japan’s Second Modernity
Notes Toward an Archaeology of Hallyu
Candlelight and the Yellow Ribbon: Catalyzing Re-Democratization in South Korea
Challenging Nuclearism: The Nuclear Ban Treaty Assessed
U.S. Accession to the Law of the Sea Convention? A Challenge for America’s Global Leadership
The Return of the Show Trial: China’s Televised “Confessions”
China’s Takeover of the Port of Piraeus in Greece: Blowback for Europe
Coming Home after 70 Years: Repatriation of Korean Forced Laborers from Japan and Reconciliation in East Asia
The Threat to Indonesian Democracy in the New Gilded Age of Trump
Vicarious Politics: Violence and the Colonial Period in Contemporary South Korean Film