Introduction to the Special Issue in Honor of Kyoko Selden: Japan in Translation
Introduction to the Taiheiki: The Chronicle of Great Peace
Selections from the Taiheiki: The Chronicle of Great Peace
Introduction to the Hinin Taiheiki: The Paupers’ Chronicle of Peace
Hinin Taiheiki: The Paupers’ Chronicle of Peace
Renga by Sasaki Dōyo: Selected from the Tsukubashū (Tsukuba Anthology)
The Takarazuka Concise Madame Butterfly
Half Full or Half Empty? North Korea after the 7th Party Congress
The 7th Party Congress in North Korea: An Analysis of Kim Jong Un’s Report
A New Wave Against the Rock: New social movements in Japan since the Fukushima nuclear meltdown
Okinawa: U.S. Marines Corps training lectures denigrate local residents, hide military crimes.
Retaking Japan: The Abe Administration’s Campaign to Overturn the Postwar Constitution
The Demise of China’s Peasantry as a Class
Ishimure Michiko and Global Ecocriticism
Are Asia’s Energy Choices Limited to Coal, Gas or Nuclear?
The Asian Super Grid
Hitler Youth 1940 Visit to Japan: A Comment on Brian Victoria’s “The Zen of Hitler Jugend”
Horikawa Keiko, the Forgotten Remains of Hiroshima: Tracking the dead
Okinawa Update: Opposition to the Construction of a New U.S. Base at Henoko and the Responsibility of the U.S.
Perdition: A Forgotten Tokyo Firebombing Raid
What Can Home Economics Be? Education, Gender, and the Making of Schoolteacher Sonoda Mineko in a Hokkaido Mining Town
The Emergence of an Informal Health-Care Sector in North Korea
To Hell and Back: Hiroshima, Nagasaki and American Nuclear Denial
Does the advertising giant Dentsu pull the strings of the Japanese media?
Okinawan Women Demand U.S. Forces Out After Another Rape and Murder: Suspect an ex-Marine and U.S. Military Employee
If Obama Visits Hiroshima
Jus ad Bellum Implications of Japan’s New National Security Laws
Internal Exposure Concealed: The True State of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Asia's Troubled Water
The Japan Lobby and Public Diplomacy
Contamination at Largest US Air Force Base in Asia: Kadena, Okinawa
A Year of Memory Politics in East Asia: Looking Back on the “Open Letter in Support of Historians in Japan”
Sanctions and Defiance in North Korea
Reactive Nationalism and its Effect on South Korea’s Public Policy and Foreign Affairs
'Killing the Practice of Whale Hunting is the same as Killing the Japanese People': Identity, National Pride, and Nationalism in Japan’s Resistance to International Pressure to Curb Whaling
Recovery from “Betrayal”: Local Anti-Nuclear Movements and Party Politics in Taiwan
Japanese Government Misinformation On North Korea’s Rocket Launch
FOIA Documents: Drunk US Marine’s 2015 dump of toxic foam among accidents polluting Okinawa water supply
Henoko Has a Few Words for the Pentagon – an Okinawan ex-Marine Speaks Up
“Ceasefire” on Oura Bay: The March 2016 Japan-Okinawa “Amicable Agreement” Introduction and Six Views from within the Okinawan Anti-Base Movement
Through the Korean Wave Looking Glass: Gender, Consumerism, Transnationalism, Tourism Reflecting Japan-Korea Relations in Global East Asia
Women’s Desire, Heterosexual Norms and Transnational Feminism: Kitahara Minori’s Good-bye Hallyu
Gendering Multiculturalism: Representation of Migrant Workers and Foreign Brides in Korean Popular Films
Expanding Transnational Dialogue in Asia through Hallyu
A New Cultural Geography of East Asia: Imagining A 'Region' through Popular Culture
K-dramas across Thailand: Constructions of Koreanness and Thainess by contemporary Thai consumers
“The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster is a Serious Crime”: Interview with Koide Hiroaki
Nuclear Disasters: A Much Greater Event Has Already Taken Place
Closing the Kaesŏng Industrial Zone: An Assessment