APJ Subscription Drive December 2017

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The Editors


Vicarious Politics: Violence and the Colonial Period in Contemporary South Korean Film
The Threat to Indonesian Democracy in the New Gilded Age of Trump
Coming Home after 70 Years: Repatriation of Korean Forced Laborers from Japan and Reconciliation in East Asia
A Paradox of Japanese Taxation: Analyzing the Furusato Nozei Tax System
Constructing the Construction State: Cement and Postwar Japan
Integration and Conflict in Indonesia’s Spice Islands
The Ecology of War in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific
The Emperor’s Army and Japan’s Discrimination against Okinawa
Seawall Construction on Oura Bay: Internationalizing the Okinawa Struggle
The Threat to Japanese Democracy: The LDP Plan for Constitutional Revision to Introduce Emergency Powers
China’s Continuing Green Shift in the Electric Power Sector: Evidence from 2016 data
Việt Nam: A History from Earliest Times to the Present
The Global Rightist Turn, Nationalism and Japan
Trump’s Indonesian Allies in Bed With ISIS-Backed FPI Militia Seek to Oust Elected President Jokowi
Missile Defense and the Security Dilemma: THAAD, Japan’s “Proactive Peace,” and a Global Arms Race in Northeast Asia
“Quite Unimportant”: Franco-Australian Settler Antagonism in the New Hebrides and British Imperial Policy in the Southwest Pacific, 1870-1906
The Emerging Worldwide Alliance of Parties on the Far Right, Led by Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump
Reassessing Juvenile Justice in Japan: Net widening or diversion?
An Industry Awaiting Reform: The Social Origins and Economics of Manga and Animation in Postwar Japan