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May 19, 2005

Japan's Reluctant Globalization
From Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the New Nuclear Age
The Punk Spirit: Japan's hippest young fashion designer makes his first foray into the world of art
Apocalypse Soon
Textbook Nationalism: Perspectives on China, Japan and Korea
The Intensifying Global Struggle for Energy
Remembering 'The Good War': The Atomic Bombing and the Internment of Japanese-Americans in U.S. History Textbooks
Korean Slave Laborers: Repatriating and Burying the Dead
Prisoner Rights and International Law: Japanese and American Responsibility From World War II to Guantanamo
Japan's World War II POW Policy: Indifference and Irresponsibility
Why Japanese Wartime Apologies Fail
Lost Horizons: The Flawed 'Nationalism' of the Koizumi Regime
Personal Portable Pedestrian: Lessons from Japanese Mobile Phone Use
Inscribing Hiroshima: The Photography of Matsushige Yoshito
Firebombing and Atom Bombing: an historical perspective on indiscriminate bombing
Mirrors of History: On a Sino-Japanese Moment and Some Antecedents
North Korea Trip Report
Scientific Stereotypes East and West (available in Spanish)
Women and Japan's New Poor
How Japan financed global reflation
BRAVO and Today: US Nuclear Tests in the Marshall Islands
Japan's Nuclear Nightmare
Turning back the clock on gender equality: Proposed Constitutional revision jeopardizes Japanese women's rights
"Japanese" War Criminals Seek Redress
US Firebombed Tokyo as Last Option: a response to David McNeill
Does Japan Have a National Strategy?
South Korea and the United States Sixty Years On
Hot War/Cold War: Commemorating World War II on its Sixtieth Anniversary
Remembrance of World War II and the Postwar in the United States and Japan
World War II as Trauma, Memory and Fantasy in Japanese Animation