Articles by Philip Seaton

Originally from London, Philip Seaton has been working at Hokkaido University since 2004. His research focuses on memories of the Asia-Pacific War and representations of war and peace issues in the Japanese media. Since the publication of Japan's Contested War Memories (Routledge) in 2007 he has been focusing on local war memories, history and social issues in Hokkaido. For more details, visit He is a Japan Focus associate.

ID Author Title
2469 Philip Seaton
Family, Friends and Furusato: "Home" in the Formation of Japanese War Memories
2726 Philip Seaton
Vietnam and Iraq in Japan: Japanese and American Grassroots Peace Activism
2969 Philip Seaton
Alternative Summits, Alternative Perspectives: Beyond the 2008 Hokkaido G8 Summit
2972 Philip Seaton
The G8 Summit as "Local Event" in the Hokkaido Media
3335 Philip Seaton, Kageyama Asako
Marines Go Home: Anti-Base Activism in Okinawa, Japan and Korea  Marines Go Home——沖繩、日本内地、および韓国における反基地運動
3336 Philip Seaton, Fuse Yujin
The Complete Withdrawal of the US Military from Ecuador: A Victory for Sovereignty and Peace in Latin America  米軍のエクアドル完全撤退——ラテンアメリカにおける主権と平和の勝利
3395 Philip Seaton
Testimony and War Memories in Japan: Introduction  日本における証言と戦争の記憶−−序
3396 Philip Seaton, Kurahashi Ayako
War Responsibility and the Family in Japan: Kurahashi Ayako's My Father's Dying Wish  日本における戦争責任と家族−−倉橋綾子の「父の遺言」
3397 Philip Seaton
Historiography and Japanese War Nationalism: Testimony in Sensōron, Sensōron as Testimony  歴史編纂と日本の戦争国家主義−−戦争論における証言、証言としての戦争論  
4147 Philip Seaton
Remembering Biowarfare Unit 731 Through Musical Activism: A Performance of the Choral Work The Devil’s Gluttony 音楽活動をとうして生物兵器731部隊を思い浮かべる 合唱組曲「悪魔の飽食」のコンサート
4348 Philip Seaton
The Nationalist Assault on Japan’s Local Peace Museums: The Conversion of Peace Osaka