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Articles by Noriko Manabe

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Noriko Manabe is Associate Professor of Music Studies at the Boyer College of Music and Dance, Temple University. Her monograph, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Protest Music after Fukushima (Oxford, 2015), addresses the constraints on free political expression and the ways in which Japanese musicians work with or overcome them in cyberspace, demonstrations, festivals, and recordings. She has published articles on Japanese hip-hop, the internet and the music business, wartime children's songs, and Cuban music, and she has long-term projects on Japanese club music and Japanese children’s songs. She is currently preparing Revolution Remixed, a monograph on the intertextuality of protest music (Oxford); Nuclear Musican edited volume on musical responses to nuclear war, disasters, and power (with Jessica Schwartz); and The Oxford Handbook of Protest Music (with Eric Drott). She is the Series Editor for Bloomsbury’s 33-1/3 Japan series of books on popular music. Information about her work can be found here and here.