Articles by Geoffrey Gunn

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A long time resident in Nagasaki (I live in what used to be called the "foreign settlement"), I teach "international relations" in the Faculty of Economics of Nagasaki University to mostly Japanese students. This is an old red brick establishment going back a hundred years which survived the atomic bombing though not the "black rain." I also teach courses on Japanese society to visiting North American students at Nagasaki Foreign Languages University, a somewhat different game. As an even longer term resident or sojourner in some Southeast Asian countries, I mostly write and comment about these countries for Japan Focus as well as in other publications. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time in the field. Recent trips have taken me back to Laos and Vietnam, with a cycle of earlier trips to Indonesia and East Timor. Perhaps reflecting my research interests (and my audiences), some of my books have recently entered Indonesian, Portuguese and Chinese translations (virtually nothing in Japanese if you follow my logic). One of my recent books takes a broader optic, namely, First Globalization: The Eurasian Exchange (1500-1800) [Roman & Littlefield, 2003]

Coercion and Co-optation of Indochinese Worker-Soldiers in World War I: Mort pour la France
The Passing of Sihanouk: Monarchic Manipulation and the Search for Autonomy in the Kingdom of Cambodia
War Claims and Compensation: Franco-Vietnamese Contention over Japanese War Reparations and the Vietnam War−−
The Great Vietnamese Famine of 1944-45 Revisited1944−45
The Re-emergence of Chinese in Jakarta
In the Tropical Forests of Sumatra: Notes from Climate Change 'Ground Zero'−−
Nuclear Power, Risk Management and Democratic Accountability in Indonesia: Volcanic, regulatory and financial risk in the Muria peninsula nuclear power proposal
Singapore: The Past in the Present
Origins of the American War in Vietnam: The OSS Role in Saigon in 1945
Chinese Dams and the Great Mekong Floods of 2008
Closed Book or Open Book on Indonesia and Timor-Leste? The Commission of Truth and Friendship Report on 1999 HR Violations
The United Nations, the Peacebuilding Commission and the Future of East Timor
'Trophy Capitalism,' Jefrinomics, and Dynastic Travail in Brunei
Southeast Asia's Looming Nuclear Power Industry
Suharto Beyond the Grave: Indonesia and the World Appraise the Legacy
Timor-Leste and Indonesia. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Crimes against Humanity: Japanese Diplomacy, East Timor and the "Truth Commission"
Japan-Indonesia Relations: New Opportunities, New tensions
Angkor and Beyond: the Asian tourism phenomenon