Articles by Andre Vltchek

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Andre Vltchek is a novelist, journalist and filmmaker, author of several novels including Point of No Return and director of a documentary film about Suharto’s dictatorship: Terlena – Breaking of a Nation. He is presently living in Southeast Asia and East Africa.

It Is Not Chittagong Here – It Is Indonesia
Intolerance, Religious Lynchings and the Future of Indonesia
In Bangkok Many Reds Look Beyond Thaksin Toward Revolution
The Re-emergence of Chinese in Jakarta
In the Tropical Forests of Sumatra: Notes from Climate Change 'Ground Zero'−−
Hillary's Indonesia: In Praise of 'Moderate Islam'
Jihad, Orthodox Islam and Religious Intolerance in Indonesia
The Cook Islands and the Pacific Island Nations: Will the Last Person Leaving Please Turn Off the Lights?
Fiji's Mercenary Military, the US and the Politics of Coup D'etat
Paradise Lost. Logging and the Environmental and Social Destruction of the Solomon Islands
Samoa: One Nation, Two Failed States
The New Face of Indonesia's Islamic Fundamentalism: Pornography Ban Ignores the Starving
Wooing the Islands: China and Taiwan High Stakes Bid for Pacific Island Support
Indonesia After Suharto—The Last King of Java Forgiven (By Elites)
The Suharto Legacy - As He Lay Dying
From the Kwajalein Missile Range to Fiji: The Military, Money and Misery in Paradise
Timor-Leste and Indonesia. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Climate Change and the Threat to Pacific Island Nations
Sinking. Tuvalu and the Pacific Islands in an Age of Global Warming
The Kingdom of Tonga and the Fight Against Feudalism in the Pacific Islands
Indonesia: Natural Disasters or Mass Murder?
Bush May Face Religious Wrath in Indonesia
George Bush's Visit to Indonesia, the Indonesia-US Relationship and the 1965 Coup
The New Pacific Wall: The U.S., Australia, and New Zealand Isolate and Divide Small Insular Nations
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Can the Miracle of Music Transform Africa’s Poverty? China’s Great Pianist Yuan Sheng Performs in Kenyan Slum−−